Our Services


Thanks to our wide experience in the medical and dental devices design and production we can offer our customers the services of engineering, testing and certification of their new projects and products.

We are specialists in the dental implant field and their prosthetics, and advantage that can be in our customers’ benefit.

We can study any new implant or abutment design, improve it to be more reliable and cost efficient for their production.

We count on our expertise and also the most advance machinery and software for that purposes.


Once the product is correctly defined we can face the production with an unbeatable quality / cost rate.

Using the best machinery in the market, together with more than 60 years of experience in precision parts production we are the better partner possible for your dental implant and prosthetic abutments projects.

This is the strongest field of the company as its referred to the very core of the company activity since the beginning.

Along all this time this nucleus of the activity has been completed with all the other areas of expertise, necessary to become a full partner for medical and dental implant devices, but all this spins off around where we are second to none: producing parts with super precision


We can also leverage the level of service another step and also help our customers to get the ISO, CE and FDA certification on their products.

To reach that we study together the better way to achieve it offering also our experience in conducting tests such as toxic package, fatigue tests, material tests, etc.

We have several partners worldwide to help in this fields, all of them of proven reliability and service.

Download our latest ISO Certificates


If what you are looking for is the quickest way to have in the market one of our broad range of prosthetic components in your portfolio you can get our OBL solution. Depending on the case in a matter of weeks you can incorporate that product with the CE labelling ready to sell. We take care of all the process, from registration to packing, respecting your branding and with the sufficient differentiation for the customer.

Or you can go OEM: we can also be your better partner to develop together new or known products, supplied in bulk and ready to accomplish all kind of quality requirements and certifications.